An innovative employee Benefit Program that provides select employees with debt-free, low/no-cost access to accredited postsecondary degree programs.

Gain A Recruitment Advantage

Improve Employee Retention

Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

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Lavoro will work with your HR and Benefits team to customize the specifics of the program to meet your organizational needs and goals. One size does not necessarily fit all organizations and we are prepared to work with you and your team to create the solution that is right for you.

Program Design and Launch

Lavoro has assembled a deep, cross-functional team that can help corporations facing high-turnover with their non-degreed workers address their most important challenges. Our experienced professionals, have demonstrated expertise in providing a best in class student experience at every stage of the student lifecycle. Helping students obtain a quality education that will help them advance their career and provide for their loved ones is our passion!

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Who is Lavoro?

Turnover stats

Do you enjoy replacing and training good employees over and over again? 
Is the time and cost of new hires a drag on your companies bottom line? 
Let Lavoro help reduce your company headaches and educate your workforce at the same time!

All employee communications regarding the program will be reviewed and approved by your team. Your involvement in this effort can be as much or as little as you desire. However the benefits of the program are enhanced with an increase in the executive buy-in as well as the frequency and quality of the related communications.  

Employee Communications

Your eligible employees will receive five star support services as our process is specifically designed to demystify the sometimes complicated and cumbersome path to a postsecondary education. Our services are designed to provide a seamless and efficient path to their desired educational goals increasing the employee satisfaction with this employer sponsored benefit program.

Employee Support Services


42 days





cost per hire*

to find a replacement*

annual turnover rate*

According to this research, the cost per hire in 2016 was $4,129 and it takes on average 42 days to find a replacement and the annual turnover rate is 19 percent.1

saved per employee*

more likely to stay with the company*

increase in wages*

Cigna found that for every dollar it spent on its educational reimbursement program, it got back $1 and saved another $1.29 through reduced employee turnover and lower recruiting costs. Employees who participated in Cigna's program were 10% more likely to be promoted, 8% more likely to stay with the company, and 7.5% more like to transfer within the company than employees who didn't use the tuition reimbursement. Participants also saw a 43% increase in wages over a three-year period.2

Attract and retain non-degreed talent (in an increasingly competitive labor market)

a. Offer TUITION FREE postsecondary education benefit to eligible employees
b. Improve retention rates and employee loyalty
c. Reduce expenses associated with recruiting and onboarding of new employees
d. Reduce customer service challenges associated with less experienced staff

a. Influence the development of custom courses that can be tailored to specific training needs
b. Expand the reach of existing training budgets by adding company desired learning objectives into courses and to be taught by credentialed, professional faculty

Optimize training budgets by creating industry specific courses

a. Enhance public perception of your organization by playing a role in solving the student debt crisis for your employees
b. Create a differentiating benefit in employee recruiting for high-turnover positions

Positive Public Relations




Replacing employees costs money and time. In 2016, the cost per hire was $4,129 and led to an average of 42 days to find a new employee. With Lavoro, save money and time to stray away from the statistics. Lavoro’s educational opportunities can enhance employee’s skills and knowledge, improve hiring efficiency, retain employees, reduce turnover, and lower recruiting and training costs.